Dan Kennedy of Media Nation has published a recent internal memo from Brian McGrory, editor of the Boston Globe, to his newsroom. While the paper built two of the most highly successful websites in the industry (boston.com, bostonglobe.com), that will not be enough for the paper to fully transition into the new digital world. Some choice quotes from the memo:

"The Globe, like every other major legacy news organization, has faced what have proven to be irreversible revenue declines."

"I’ve asked senior editors to think about how we, at the very least, might get ahead of the declines, and in the best case, work to slow or even halt them. "

"...consider this question: If a wealthy individual was to give us funding to launch a news organization designed to take on The Boston Globe, what would it look like?"

'Is it possible to build something bold rather than shrink what we have?"

Read the entire memo which, according to Mr. Kennedy, "just wafted through an open window here at Media Nation."