Sara Guaglione of Publisher’s Daily reports on the partnership between New York Media, publisher of brands such as New York, Vulture, The Cut and Grub Street and Sailthru, a customer retention cloud company.

The goal of this partnership is subscriber growth and to prioritize retention efforts using personalized customer engagement across all digital communication channels (Sailthru can track each individual reader and detect when somebody stops visiting the brand and when somebody’s engagement starts tailing off).

Ken Sheldon, executive director of audience development at New York Media, spoke with Publishers Daily about this partnership:

 “New York Media has always prioritized the individual value of each reader, and we sought to partner with a company that matched this vision.”

Neil Lustig, CEO at Sailthru, also spoke with Publishers Daily about the opportunities his company can provide in order for New York Media to turn unique visitors into a loyal audience of subscribers:

New York has a variety of different articles and subjects and topics of interest. Every New Yorker is going to have their favorite parts of the magazine. Why not reflect and highlight that and build an engagement based on what a reader is excited to read?” he said.

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