The Media Future Summit is an exclusive gathering of top executives tapped from throughout the media ecosystem to seek lasting business solutions amid digital-age reordering of the media economy. MFS laureates will depart with up-to-the-minute news from the monetization front lines. But more importantly they will collaborate to identify and cultivate sustainable solutions.

The day is engineered to be fully participatory. Excepting two extraordinary keynotes, there will be little distinction between what is said on stage and what is contributed by the industry leaders and experts from the floor. The currency of the day will be experience: the sharing of successes and failures toward the common cause of — as the mission statement enunciates — “vibrant, ethical and sustainable media in a democratic society.” The output will be a communique declaring a set of goals and principles.

MFS is an invitation-only gathering. Participation signifies an ongoing commitment, leadership role and influence that can be marshaled at only the highest levels of ownership and management.

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